Do you play uke? Ever wanted to play an ‘Electric Ukulele’ and shred like a rock star on a big distorted amplifier stack? Electric Ukulele Land is here to help you do exactly that. For starters, here is a list of the latest posts on Electric Ukulele Land :-

Also you will find progressive documentation on some electric ukulele builds :-

Sharkfin Travel Ukulele (built by King Uke) uke

misterg’s spice rack uke

Kingcaster Ukulele (King Uke’s Telecaster)

Various smaller ukulele projects by Daniel Hulbert

Electric Bass Ukulele

SU Electric Ukulele

Tearcaster Electric Ukulele

Telecaster Electric Ukulele

Fitting a piezo pickup to an acoustic ukulele


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and other resources for Electric Uke fans such as

Electric Ukulele Songbook

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