Bass Ukulele Build : part 01 – Planning

I want a bass ukulele.  After building a few dozen instruments, the thought of simply buying one from store seems very boring.  I will therefore expend the time and money to make a custom bass ukulele that will fulfill my desire.

Before I build, I make a paper mock-up of the instrument. (I included a concert sized acoustic ukulele for scale)

Here are the elements that I want to have:

  • 20 inch scale length
  • Black Road Toad polyurethane strings
  • Maple neck/headstock/fretboard
  • Under bridge piezo pickup
  • On board Preamp
  • Black Hardware
  • Orange Paint for the body

The combination of orange, black, and maple should make for an interesting looking instrument.  I hope that I don’t live to regret making a bright orange ukulele.  Hopefully, a funky color will look good on a funky ukulele.

7 thoughts on “Bass Ukulele Build : part 01 – Planning

  1. Hi Daniel… this looks like a really exciting build to me. I have been thinking of a u-bass build myself, but the one thing holding me back is the pickup/bridge combo… Can you shed any light on what you are doing for this? I figure a bass bridge is different than Uke and I have no idea how to fit a piezo under a metal saddle!

  2. Jules,

    I’m planning on using an “A style hipshot type” bass bridge. I’ll have to experiment with placement, but I might attach the rod piezo under the strings in that little pocket at the back of the bridge.

    More to come soon…

  3. Daniel : Do you know where I can get dimensions for fret board length fret distance and details on building a UBass? I want to build a cigar box ubass but do not know where to find measurements to use.

  4. I am looking for tuning pegs for my build of a bass ukulele with the 5/4/3/and 2.5 poly string ,can’t find anywhere.

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