Bass Ukulele Build : part 02 – Body and Neck

The body is made of ash.  The neck was made with three pieces of maple.  The headstock was scarf jointed to the neck and the fretboard was glued to the top.  I got the specialized tuners and nut from  They provide replacement parts for Ashbory Basses.   The bridge is a knockoff “Hipshot A Style” bridge.  This type of bridge allows for the mounting of the thick “Road Toad” strings.

I sealed and primed the body. I drilled a larger hole by the the bridge to allow a rod piezo pickup to be mounted by the back of the bridge.

With a drill and a chisel, I hollowed out a cavity for a 9V battery holder.  This bass ukulele will have an active pre-amp to boost the low output of the piezo rod.

The neck was given a nitrocellulose lacquer finish after side markers were installed.

Next, the body will be given a beautiful orange finish.  Once the color and clear coats have cured, it’ll get a good buffing and polish.  Finally, my favorite steps will arrive.  That is assembling and playing the instrument.  There is something almost magical about the first tune on a brand new instrument.


5 thoughts on “Bass Ukulele Build : part 02 – Body and Neck

  1. Looking to build a solid body bass ukulele. Have a lovely piece of wood in my shop. Do you sell the other components (neck, tuners, pick ups, etc) as a kit? Or do you have to buy each piece separately ?

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