Electric Ukulele FAQ

What strings should I use on an Electric Ukulele?

Ones made of metal!

What thickness wood do I need for a solid body ukulele?

Daniel says :- All of my electric uke bodies have been 1.5 inches thick, except for my first telecaster ukulele. That one was 2 inches, which was a little thick. I think 1.5″ to 1.75″ is the sweet spot.

King Uke Asked: The bridge I have is like a classic fixed strat bridge, which feeds through to the back. Am I missing a part? or do I need to do something special to hold the string ends?

Dan H replied: For a string through the body setup, string ferrules are normally used on the back of the body.

Acoustic Ukulele FAQ

What pickup options do I have for my Acoustic Ukulele?

You can find a number of options at the Belcat website. We have successfully used UK-2000 pickups in acoustic ukes, and they are OK.

Bass Ukulele FAQ

What size nut can I use for a U-Bass?

You may be able to use a standard Bass style nut, but the Ashbory nut is 45 mm across, with a string spacing of about 32.5 mm

Playing Ukulele FAQ

Ukulele Building Tools FAQ

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