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Everyman Is A King | Pogues | UkeGeek's Scriptasaurus

Everyman Is A King


{t:Everyman Is A King}

In s[G]earch of a good life the P[D]ilgrims set s[G]ail
Then a[C]ll through the new land they bl[G]azed their brave tr[D]ails
The i[C]ron horse speeding down f[G]reshly laid r[D]ails
Brought se[G]ttlers det[C]ermined to p[Am]rosper

F[G]rom the far corners th[D]ey made it their h[G]ome
The it[C]ies and germans, the p[G]addies the p[D]oles
Goin' d[C]own in the dirt comin' [G]up with the g[D]old
Like Bill F[G]uller, the Ken[C]nedys and the Co[Am]rleones

[C]Life is so good in the [G]US of A
[C]Live out you dreams in A[G]merik[D]ay
If yo[G]u've gut the g[C]uts and the bu[G]cks, it is s[D]aid
E[G]very man is a k[C]ing in the [D]US of [G]A
[G]Every man is a [C]king in [D]Amerik[Em]ay

Note: Standard GCEA Soprano Ukulele Tuning. Powered by UkeGeeks' Scriptasaurus • ukegeeks.com

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