Draper 1200W Router Kit

I’m going to build this bloody electric ukulele if it kills me! I’m serious about this! And if you didn’t believe me, here’s the proof… I’ve just bought a router. I opted for a budget Draper 1200W Router Kit. I know nothing about routers, so this is a real journey of discovery for me. There’s a video at the bottom of me unboxing my new toy and here are a load of pictures of me checking it out and putting it together.

Draper 1200W Router Kit
Stock number 90088; Part number PT1201VK

Here’s a shot of the “Pivot Rod Trammel” attached to one of the rods

I think you use this as a guide for doing curved routes


The supplied router bits. From left to right…

4.0mm radius Roman Ogee bit (with bearing)

12 x 25mm Straight Bit

12.7mm x 90 degree Grooving Bit

6.3mm radius Cove Bit

6 x 25mm Straight Bit

9.5 x 32mm radius Rounding Bit (with bearing)

And at the bottom is a spare collet. One was fitted.


Here are all the loose bits. I’ve fitted the rods into the parallel guide fence

Top right are template follower and pivot rod trammel

Bottom are collet, 2 x nuts for guide fence, 2 x screws and spanner


OH BUGGER!!!! The bloody dust extraction port is damaged!

I’ve filed a claim with the seller… hmmm…

The top and bottom parts are meant to fit together with hooks

at each end. The fit isn’t good and someone’s forced it

causing the port to crack by the fitted nut! AAAGGGHHH!

I’ve fitted the 16-18mm template follower here using the two screws

that hold the dust extraction port in place. I think the two nuts

pictured are supplied in case you don’t want to use the extraction port.


I haven’t figured out what these are for… yet…

My first hunch is that these are spare and relate to raising and lowering

the router bit? Any hints welcome.

And finally, here’s the great unboxing I mentioned. It’s just a bit of fun!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZVjVohbNXk]

Seeing as I haven’t actually used my router yet, I’m not going to be giving it a Triple-B rating. I’ll maybe do a follow-up later.

2 thoughts on “Draper 1200W Router Kit

  1. The two rectangular bits of carbon with a wire coming out of them through a spring are spare brushes for the motor. My kit didn’t include these, so you are lucky. Store away somewhere where you can find them in years to come for when the motor no longer works and new brushes are needed..

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