Ammo Box Ukulele

Sometimes the desire to ROCK is tempered by a lack of tools.  To make a regular solid body electric ukulele, you need a scroll saw (or a band saw) and a router along with some other basic tools.  However, a hollow enclosure can be used for the body, which eliminates the need to cut and rout a wooden body.

For my ukulele, I used an ammo box that I purchased at an army surplus store.  This same kind of thing could be done with any type of sturdy wood, metal, or plastic box.

The neck was made with two pieces of mahogany scarf jointed together. Less expensive and more readily available wood could also be used.  In fact, other types of wood would probably be more congruent with the “DIY spirit”.

In keeping with the ammunition theme, many of the hardware appointments were made with spent bullet shells.  One the most difficult parts of this build was cutting a hole in the thick metal box for the single coil pickup.  I used a hacksaw blade and a file to do this.  A jig saw would have been much easier.

The bridge was made with a 30.06 shell.  A shotgun shell top serves as the volume knob.

The wiring schematic is pretty basic:  One pickup, One volume schematic

Spent .22 shells serve as fret markers.

Here is a demo of it in action!

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