SU uke build : part 04 – The bridge problem

Here is a tricky party of the build. Every steel string electric ukulele I have seen uses a Fender Telecaster style bridge. I am build a Gibson style Uke… I want a Gibson SG Tune-a-matic style bridge and tailpiece. Nobody makes them for 4 string instruments. It is fundamental to the design as well. Fenders have straight necks, Gibsons have a slight angle on their necks. It is the way the bridge works that decides which way the neck should be.

I have bought 2 different types of bridge from Hong Kong using ebay. These were cheapest, I can study their design and draw up my own in CAD and see if I can find somewhere to make me some. Screws and fixings I can reuse from the ones I have bought. Here they are, the first set of pictures show the traditional 2 piece bridge. This one looks easiest to replicate, but of course, is 2 pieces and will take up more of the uke body.

This next one is a single piece version. It is more complicated but will save precious space on the face of the uke.

I am going to draw up both and send the drawings along with the parts away for machining.

4 thoughts on “SU uke build : part 04 – The bridge problem

  1. Hey John.. .

    My second bridge is a ‘wrap around’ but has adjustable saddles… I’m not really well read on production techniques for bridges, so I am going to leave the decision on how to machine it to the machinists… Many thanks for your input though 😉 I’m going to check them out.


  2. Nice work, really like the look of this project and want to tackle something very similar soon myself. I would be interested in what you find out about the bridges/where you could get one made up. I like the look of the 2nd one you have something like that for a uke would be awesome.

    • Hi ptp..

      Yeah they are tricky, but I am trying to get them made. I will be putting more info up here as time goes on with this project. If I really get stuck I will have to use a fender style bridge, but that is a bit too defeatist for me.

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