SU uke build : part 05 – Acquiring wood for the neck.

Once again I have been incredibly lucky whilst hunting for the parts I need to build the SU. This time my luck was such that I met another electric ukulele builder, and a good chap he is.

Peter Howlett builds some very beautiful nylon strung electric ukuleles. He calls them Uklectic, and they are really lovely examples of luthier craftmanship. Peter also runs ukulele building courses and has put lots of good instructional videos up on youtube. I will run an article on them in the next couple of weeks.

Anyway, I was hunting about on ebay for some mahogany to build the SU neck with, when I saw an advert for ‘Quartersawn mahogany guitar neck blank – brick red, dense, nice long length. Tight even grain making stacked heel invisible’. The description went on to say ‘South American mahogany is rare. Quartersawn is even rarer. This blank is 890mm long x 80mm wide x 25mm thick planed one side. It is cut on the perfect quarter so when making a stacked heel you will get an almost invisible look. This is a Brazilian variety which tends to be redder than the pink Honduran/Belize stuff. It is very dense and will take a crisp shape. I have 35 more lengths mostly on the absolute quarter with the same vertical grain to the face side when viewed end on.’

At £10.99 I couldn’t stop myself reaching for the ‘Buy it now’ button, and actually after some email exchange with Peter, ended up buying 2.

Peter says in the description he has more, but at the time of writing, I cannot see any listed in his ebay shop. If you are hunting, you could always try to contact him via his website though.

My pieces arrived this morning, and they do look very good :-

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