Lidl Electric Uke Hack : part 01 – the plan

Just the other day, I spotted a review of an £18 Ukulele on
Barry Maz’s “Got a Ukulele?” website. He reckons this cheap ukulele from Lidl isn’t that bad. I have been thinking about drilling into a Uke to add a piezo pickup for some time, but really didn’t wan’t to mess up any of my good ukes, as I have never done this before. £18 isn’t the end of the world if things go wrong.

So on Friday, I marched around to Lidl’s and bought this :-


Yesterday, while I was in the West end of London, I took another piece of advice from Barry’s review and grabbed a set of Aquila Soprano strings.

Then, I ordered up this kit from a seller called mosong_music on ebay. Ok, so it is in Hong Kong and will take a while to arrive, but £11.77 inclusive of postage was worth a gamble.

And finally, when it is all fitted, I shall be plugging it into my smokey amp (named so as it used to be built inside cigarette packets) :-

2 thoughts on “Lidl Electric Uke Hack : part 01 – the plan

  1. So… has it arrived yet? Very interested to know how this goes. I may try and do the same with my £11 Stagg. Only, I haven’t got a clue on how to do it. Photos please…

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