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So I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure what my first ukulele project should be. There are lots in this site that I’d personally love to own, but you only get one first time. I am silly that way and think if you’re going to do some new adventure, a lot of thought should be put into it long before any materials are picked up. So far the bits that I do know that I’d like:

1st I’d like to practice without feeling self-conscious about others hearing me. The travel ukulele would fit the bill but I’d have to figure out some amplification solution, iPod or otherwise. For me that’s just more things to carry. The bass ukulele has the internal preamp I’d like. So I’m guessing I will go with that.

Next I have to figure out a body style. I’m old school and think a cool rocking look would be awesome. Ideas I’m considering:

So ya, I’ll have to narrow that bit down.

Next I’m considering if there is a preamp, couldn’t I have a speaker set in for when I want to show off what I’ve been practicing? Perhaps hidden by fabric, but the concern is that it could cause distortion if the pickup is sensitive to the vibration. Would like a bit of feedback regarding if this is possible.

Throw me your thoughts and I’ll start looking for the hardware that I know I’ll be using.

4 thoughts on “Awol’s looking for a project

  1. Okay AWOL! You asked for some ideas and ideas you shall have.

    My thinking is that you’ve got to set your sights high for your first time.

    Maybe not this colour but how about an electric based upon the Ovation Breadwinner?
    I am totally sold on this body shape (if not the head)

    Agree with the solidbody risa-type. I want to do one of these with a King Uke twist (to be determined).

    Another thing I’ve got up my sleeve is a real version of my (other) blog’s logo:

    Has anyone made a uke with a hand head? I want to be the first! Unless you get there before me… and then I’ll be the second!

  2. Dig the body style of the first pic, not digging the hand idea though. I’m really wondering about silent play (headphones only) for practice with a build in speaker (fear of feedback) and acoustic sound like the travel stick. Can someone tell me if the small amp that powers the headset can power a built in speaker without the vibration making it go nuts?

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