Utah’s Uke Fest

I attended Utah’s Uke Fest on July 27-28, 2012.  This festival had classes and workshops during the day with amazing concerts at night.  I learned new things and was inspired to take my playing to the next level.   My favorite part of the festival was getting to meet other ukulele enthusiasts from the surrounding area.

Sarah Maisel and Paul Tillery and  “The Quiet American” performed on Friday night.  The groups did separate sets, but they performed a song together at the end.

On Saturday at noon, there was an open mic contest.  The performances were great,  with lots of brave people displaying their talents.

I was lucky enough to take 2nd place at the open mic contest!  My prize was a beautiful Eddy Finn Bamboo ukulele  and a hard case for it.

Paul “Tommy” O’Connor played a few Celtic tunes on the ukulele at the Saturday evening concert.

Bolo Rodrigues also played on Saturday evening.  He attaches a ukulele to the bottom of his guitar and switches back and forth between the two instruments.

Brittni Paiva was the headliner of the festival.  Her spectacular performance was a great capstone to a very fun couple of days.


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