Sharkfin Uke Build – Beach Closed

I’d been hoping that I could get my Sharkfin Ukulele finished before Christmas, but it ain’t gonna happen! Construction has officially stopped. I’ve tidied up my tools and packed them away. I’ve also tried to vac up all the sawdust… hope Mrs Uke doesn’t look too closely at the carpet… :-s

Everybody out of the water!!!

I’ve spent a lot of time sanding to the point that I’m getting a bit sick
of the sight of sand paper. Eventually, yesterday, I felt the burning desire
to glue the bridge in place. I toyed with the idea of putting in dowling
to be extra sure, but figured that wood glue would be enough. Here
you can see that I’ve clamped it and left it to set over night.


Remember that I’d talked about challenges that I’d been facing with my
choice of tuning peg? I’d wanted planetary pegs but they were too
expensive. So I’d bought some Grover pegs only to discover that they
were too big. I ended up with the cheapest set I had to hand which
were some small pegs I’d had shipped over from China. The problem I
found with these was that the heads were burring. The solution was
to take the shafts from a bigger tuning peg and fit them with the heads
from the cheapo Chinese set. I needed to enlarge the opening for the
shaft on the heads and rework the body holes to fit the thicker shafts.
The end result is a set of heads that are a lot firmer. You can see the
end result in this picture.


This morning I fitted the end pins and wiped the body down with
white spirit. The wood on the fretboard and bridge came up really nice.
Unfortunately, the body still has all sorts of little scuffs and scratches
which I’m going to have to work out before I’m happy


Here’s how the Sharfin looked just before I packed it away. See the
dark mark inside the centre hole? That’s a hole I had to work into the
wood to allow me to get the longer tuning peg shafts into place.
You can only see it from certain angles. I’ve decided that I’m just going
to tidy it up and leave it at that.
Here’s something that will make you laugh. I was looking
for some string or rope to use as a strap for the Sharkfin
and I couldn’t find anything that looked right… That was
until I stumbled across the above sex bondage rope
from Japan! I’ve only gone and bought some! Ha ha!
Of course, as well as hopefully being a top ukulele strap,
it has the added bonus that I can have Japanese bondage
sex with it too! It’s a win-win! Well, that is until Mrs Uke
spots the receipt :-S Oh… I do hope that I haven’t done
something here that I’ll regret 😀


One last picture for you. In the spirit of lining up future projects for myself
when I haven’t even finished the current one… Look at this cigar box I
just bought! Isn’t it handsome! Look at that logo! Does it remind you
of the artwork that accompanied my post of Into Your Arms? I have a
sneaking suspicion that it may be too small to make a cigar box uke
out of, but I liked it too much to let it slip through my fingers!
What with the cigars and bondage rope, I think this Christmas could
be an interesting one in the King Uke household. Ha ha. This might
be my last post! 🙂

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