Pink Punk Uke

My 2 year old daughter had great fun decorating her pink ukulele with stickers this afternoon. I guess she was just looking for that ‘custom look’ with the little police cars and fire trucks. Funny thing is though, I really like her work. Do you custom your uke’s?

5 thoughts on “Pink Punk Uke

  1. That’s rubbish… my 4 year -old could do better!
    Only joking mate, I do like it. The sooner you get your kids into anything creative, the better.
    When are you going to do the article about the Pukes, and my wife’s U-Bass?

    • dude… your 4 year old is like… twice my girls age 😉


      yeah, i got stuff coming on the pukes and the u-bass… stay calm.. 😉

      • Like your style, geezer. All I really wanna hear is Castles Made Of Sand on them yooks… Keep up the great work! Have you done a flying V yet?

        • Nah, but… I have a flying v acoustic uke. My very first uke, none the less. In fact, if it was not for the flying v, I may never have found ukes!!

    • Hey Peter… I did it! There is now a write up on the pukes, a short video of one of the songs they did on sunday, and a quick guide to u-bass! Enjoy 😉

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