Loog’s new 3 String Electric Guitar

So we just heard of this company, Loog, that make kits for Electric 3 string guitars. If you have never built an instrument, or played one for that matter, these kits are a great way to start.


Driven by a passion for music and design, Rafael Atijas created the Loog Guitar for his NYU Master’s thesis. Rafael then turned to Kickstarter to raise $15,000 for the project but was surprised with a whopping $65,618 in funding from people all over the world who believed in the concept of an elegant, top-quality, real instrument made from sustainable wood that makes it fun and easy for kids –and kids at heart- to play music.


The Loog ships unassembled so that parents and kids can bond over (and with) the instrument before playing. Building it only takes 15 minutes and a Phillips screwdriver, and because this is a real guitar, kids and parents can play real chords and learn real songs.


The Electric Loog
The electric Loog is a solid-body, 3-string guitar kit that comes in different colors and has a rocking Danelectro pickup. As with the original Loog, we are starting a Kickstarter campaign to enter production and hopefully make it a reality.


If you want one, there’s more info on the Kickstarter project page. If you like it, please help us spread the word. Thanks so much for your support!



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