John T’s Music Shop

On Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting John T’s Music Shop in Carshalton, Surrey. John’s a nice bloke, loves his banjo’s and uke’s and took a fair amount of time out of his day to show me around and chat.

It’s a bit tricky to spot, but I have added a map to the shop page here.

John has a large stock of ukuleles in all sizes, from sopranos, concerts, tenors and baritone’s as well as u-bass and banjos. He does also stock some guitars and amps.

The shop also stocks tuners and strings, and even have their own line in banjo strings.

While we were in the shop, John’s friends were sat up one end of the shop play guitars and generally adding a bit more fun to the environment.

John’s and his band are getting a gig together in May at the local football ground. I will add up details as soon as I can, but we do know the headline act is going to be

The Re-entrants

Oh, and I guess I should mention, he even has a picture George Formby in the shop!


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