Tearcaster uke build : part 01 – Plans

Before starting any ukulele build, your going to need to get a plan!

I got my plans from Michael J King, who sells a sets of either printed plans or PDF plans delivered by e-mail. The plans are for a steel strung electric ukulele. You can chose between soprano, concert or tenor scaled necks when you build. I am going to go for a soprano sized neck for this Uke. Although the body shape is different, the build principals for this uke resemble that of a fender telecaster or stratocaster. The neck is bolted onto a one piece body with either one or two single coil pickups and a fender style bridge/tailpiece. I could have used strat 6-string parts for the bridge and pickups, but for the best look, I think dedicated 4 string parts should be used. All the other techniques used for the build can be researched in a electric guitar builders book.

I will be calling this my ‘Tearcaster Build’ and hopefully when it is finished I will have built something that looks like one of Michael’s own Ukes.

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