Free Ukulele Plans


Whenever I do a ukulele project that has a logical, sequential order I try to document the process and make plans. These are made available for people to use, modify and enhance.  Right now I have two available for immediate download, with more coming this year. Have fun building and remember to take pictures, make a video or find other ways to share your finished project.  We love to see what you’ve made!

Click below to see the plans available to download.

Free plans!


DIY Travel Ukulele [Free Instructions]


In 2011, I started emailing the instructions for the “DIY Travel Ukulele”.  Hundreds of people from all over the world have received these instructions.  Now, they are available to download directly from Electric Ukulele Land!

[Click on the link, or right click and “Save as”]

DIY Travel Ukulele Instructions

Email if you have any questions or comments.

(NOTE:  The original design used a small metal key as the nut.  The instructions now call for a zero fret, but the pictures still reflect the metal key design.)