Awol : Got idea for direction

You never know where inspiration may come from. I posted this asking what should my first build be. I already had a few ideas of what I’l like but no idea how to make any of it happen. Then Electric Ukulele land’s own Daniel Hulbert showed me this:

My eyes lit up! Yes this is what I’m looking for, though I’m not crazy about the body style at all. So I plan to buy the components and see what I can load them into. Perhaps the flying v or something else a bit more rocking. Also have no desire to unscrew the back to change batteries so want to use  Daniel Hulbert’s battery idea from his uku bass build.

I’m in need of the list of parts that make up this build. Who can help me there?

Awol’s looking for a project

So I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure what my first ukulele project should be. There are lots in this site that I’d personally love to own, but you only get one first time. I am silly that way and think if you’re going to do some new adventure, a lot of thought should be put into it long before any materials are picked up. So far the bits that I do know that I’d like:

1st I’d like to practice without feeling self-conscious about others hearing me. The travel ukulele would fit the bill but I’d have to figure out some amplification solution, iPod or otherwise. For me that’s just more things to carry. The bass ukulele has the internal preamp I’d like. So I’m guessing I will go with that.

Next I have to figure out a body style. I’m old school and think a cool rocking look would be awesome. Ideas I’m considering:

So ya, I’ll have to narrow that bit down.

Next I’m considering if there is a preamp, couldn’t I have a speaker set in for when I want to show off what I’ve been practicing? Perhaps hidden by fabric, but the concern is that it could cause distortion if the pickup is sensitive to the vibration. Would like a bit of feedback regarding if this is possible.

Throw me your thoughts and I’ll start looking for the hardware that I know I’ll be using.

AWOL the ukulele noob

It is with great joy that we are able to introduce AWOL to our team. He will be bringing us ukulele news from far and wide to keep us up to date with everything ukulele! 4 strung is for warned :-

So before I bring a new perspective to Ukeland, perhaps I should introduce myself. I’m AWOL, yes as in not being where I should have been. That long story however is not about ukes and therefore probably of no interest to you.

My fascination with this wonderful little stringed instrument came from my wife. Who after hearing my life regret of never learning to play music insisted I get an instrument and learn (the ‘it’s never too late’ speech). With a gleeful new outlook I ran to the first place I figured I could get a guitar, craigslist. Nothing fit my meager budget. BUT… there was a 30$ ukulele. Humm I knew that it seemed too good to be true, even figured there was a mistake. Called the dealer and arranged to drop in. Turned out it was a new but slightly flawed ukulele that he couldn’t sell to an outlet and this was why it was so cheap. I snapped it up and was beaming. It didn’t take long to notice people with guitars on the trains and buses and how cumbersome it looked compared with my new little bundle of sound. How if I were to travel I could have mine as carry on vs stowed away. Oh the reasons for why my choice was so perfect were really stacking up. A few cheap lessons and I knew some chords and was playing a few songs.

Now I’m the guy behind ukulele army as well as a few other ukulele adventures. Soon I’ll even be taking on some of my own electric ukulele builds and sharing the experiences with the readers here.

I’m looking forward to sharing more ukulele adventures soon…