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Anarchy in the UK | Sex Pistols | UkeGeek's Scriptasaurus

Anarchy in the UK

Sex Pistols

{t:Anarchy in the UK}
{st:Sex Pistols}

[D]I am the Anti[G]christ [A]
[D] am an anar[G]chist[A]
[D]Don't know what I want but
I know how to [G]get it [A]
[D]I wanna destroy the passer by 'cos I

[A]I wanna [G]be[Bm] anar[A]chy![D]

[D]Anarchy for the [G]U.K[A]
[D]It's coming sometime and [G]maybe[A]
[D]I give a wrong time stop a traffic [G]line [A]
[D]Your future dream is a shopping scheme 'cos I

[A]I wanna [G]be[Bm] anar[A]chy![D]

[D]How many ways to get [G]what you want[A]
[D]I use the best I use the [G]rest[A]
[D]I use the enemy [G][A]
[D]I use [G]anar[A]chy 'cos I

[A]I wanna [G]be[Bm] anar[A]chy![D]
[G]Get pissed! [A]Destroy!

Note: Standard GCEA Soprano Ukulele Tuning. Powered by UkeGeeks' Scriptasaurus • ukegeeks.com

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