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Fuck Her Gently | Tenacious D | UkeGeek's Scriptasaurus

Fuck Her Gently

Tenacious D

{title:Fuck Her Gently}
{subtitle:Tenacious D}

[C]You don't always [Am]have to fuck her hard,  In
[Dm]Fact sometimes that's not [G]right ... to do.
[C]Sometimes you gotta [Am]make some love
[Dm]   And fuckin give her some [G]smooches too

[Am]Sometimes you got to [F]squeeze
[Am]Sometimes you got to say [F]please
[C]Sometimes you got to say [G]hey:

I'm gonna [C]fuck you .... [Am]softly
[Dm]I'm gonna screw you [G]gently
I'm gonna [C]hump you....  [Am]sweetly
I'm gonna [Dm]ball you ...  [G]discretely---

[Am]  And then y[F]ou say, Hey I brought you flowers
[C]  And then you say, [G]Wait a minute sally!
[C]  I think I got [F]something in my teeth could you [Dm]get it out for me?
[G]That's fuckin' Teamwork!

[C]What's your favorite po[Am]sish?
[Dm]That's cool with me it's not my [G]favorite but I'll do it for [C]you
What's your favorite di[Am]sh?
I'm not gonna [Dm]cook it but I'll order it from [G]Zanzibar!

And [Am]then I'm gonna love you com[F]pletely
And [C]then I'll fuckin' fuck you dis[G]cretely
And [Am]then I'll fuckin bone you com[F]pletely
But [C]then...

[Dm]I'm gonna fuck ---- [G]you ----- [Dm]haaaaaaaard-----[F]     [C]                              

Note: Standard GCEA Soprano Ukulele Tuning. Powered by UkeGeeks' Scriptasaurus • ukegeeks.com

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